101 Christmas Gift Ideas for Wives

Selecting the perfect Christmas gift for your wife isn’t always easy. After a few years of marriage, I bet you’ve started to run out of ideas. I decided to put together a list of 101 Christmas gift ideas for wives or the lady in your life. Hopefully this will spark some ideas for you. But remember, only you know what will be the perfect gift for her. Use this as a guide, but make sure you know your wife. Most importantly, give her your love and give with love.


  1. Make coupons for massages from you
  2. Plan a night on the town with you
  3. A girl’s night gift certificate – you watch the kids
  4. A family photo book (check group deals sites)
  5. 365 I love you’s jar
  6. A gift card for wardrobe consulting or personal shopping
  7. A bottle of wine and special wine glass (it tastes better that way!)
  8. Pause gift cards for TV timeouts – yes, even during the game
  9. Manicure – how about enough for one a month?
  10. Heated blanket & her favorite book for curling up on the couch
  11. Get her ring/jewelry polished
  12. Meal service plan like eMeals
  13. Night at a hotel
  14. A weekend road trip – you plan the stops
  15. Biking trip through the hills – if you’re in Nashville area, Natchez Trace is a must!
  16. Canoeing – bring a picnic and take your time
  17. Rent a motorcycle
  18. Skiing/snowboarding
  19. Sky diving
  20. Ice skating
  21. Gift card for a nice haircut and style
  22. Tickets to sporting event if she has a favorite team
  23. Pedicure for her and a friend
  24. Gift card to her favorite clothing store
  25. Weekend to remember conference
  26. Dance lessons – with you is even better!
  27. Deep clean of home
  28. Tickets to see her favorite artist
  29. Financial Peace University
  30. In-home spa night
  31. Create a custom perfume for her
  32. Commit to take all meal duties for a week
  33. Cabin weekend in the middle of no where
  34. Romantic night in with a cook
  35. Monthly maid service for a year
  36. Check off that honey-do lis
  37. Buy her this book – Redeeming Love
  38. Give her 52 love notes – one for each week
  39. Make a memory box
  40. Give her cuddle cards – cuddling on command!
  41. Transfer your wedding to DVD/digital
  42. Get that room painted, you know the one. Check with her on color first.
  43. Get old family photos restored/digital
  44. Have her wedding dress preserved
  45. Write her a song
  46. Paint her an original work of art
  47. Buy her music lessons
  48. Yoga gift certificate
  49. Have family in to see her
  50. Donate somewhere in her name
  51. Sponsor a child – World Vision or Compassion International
  52. Enroll her in photography classes
  53. Make her an old-fashioned mix CD or playlist
  54. Reenact your proposal
  55. Get her a gift certificate for nice makeup
  56. Tickets to the symphony
  57. Fly her friends in to see her
  58. Give her art classes (amateur or professional)
  59. Tickers to the ballet
  60. Buy an activity to do together like a puzzle (check out my puzzle post)
  61. Scavenger hunt to a date or gift
  62. Draw her a bubble bath once a week for a year
  63. Clean the car
  64. Organize the garage so she can get her car in
  65. Give her a book about mom from kids
  66. Make a Christmas photo collage
  67. Buy her this book – Captivating
  68. Tickets to a play
  69. Her favorite TV series on DVD
  70. Gift cards for drop off childcare
  71. Record a song your sing for her
  72. Personalized picture frame
  73. Sleep in gift cards – no excuses
  74. A nice journal
  75. Personalized guitar picks
  76. Ornament made by you
  77. Sonos wireless music player– we LOVE ours!
  78. Polaroid camera
  79. iTunes gift card
  80. Make a travel map of places you’ve been and want to go
  81. Write her a poem – frame it
  82. Order a photo puzzle
  83. Create a family calendar
  84. Jewelry with birthstones of the kiddos
  85. Cooking lessons – only if she has mentioned this before.
  86. Hold me tight workshop
  87. Garden supplies and a promise to help
  88. An e-reader
  89. Spotify premium
  90. New Mattress – everyone loves better sleep
  91. Year of planned dates – one per month
  92. Lots of her favorite candy – off limits to you
  93. Hang gliding and camping trip
  94. Rent a fancy or classic car for a night on the town
  95. Reunite at your honeymoon hotel
  96. Shoe store gift card
  97. Trip to a waterfall
  98. Electric toothbrush – I’m an oral hygiene fanatic and LOVE mine!
  99. Magazine subscription
  100. Hiking trip
  101. Pray for her every day. That’s the best gift any wife could receive.

I’d love to add some more to the list. What are some of the best gifts you’ve ever received?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/timchan Tim Chan

    Great list!

  • Kelly

    This is a perfect gift. Provide this company with some wedding photos and they were sketch your wive’s wedding gown. The artist can sketch the tux and bouquet too. http://www.mydreamlines.com

  • Crystina Pyper

    I found this site looking for a gift for my husband, as I am trying to find something different. Lots of great ideas for guys and gals. I wanted to back up Kelly with Dreamlines. My husband gave me a sketch of my wedding dress by them too! Amazing piece of art and would be a perfect Christmas gift.

    • http://www.LoveTruthfully.com/ Shana Bresnahan

      That’s awesome! Sounds like a great gift :)