2 Year Anniversary Gift Idea – 365 I Love You’s

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As you know, Monday was our 2 year anniversary. Typically we travel every year for our anniversary instead of getting each other gifts. Of course we had to cancel our trip this year, since Casey has mono. Even though we weren’t able to celebrate, I did have DIY anniversary gift that I had put together for him.

DIY Anniversary Gift Idea

I am not the best at verbalizing my love for my husband on a regular basis. But I do love him very much and want to make sure he is reminded every day for the next year how much I love him in a very tangible way. So I got to writing.

365 I Love You’s

1) Write 365 reasons you love your spouse or things you love about him or her.

365 i love you list

I chose to write these down and then type them into excel. I find that I connect my emotions to my writing more when I actually handwrite, but I wanted to have them printed so they are easy to read and save. The other benefit of typing them up in excel is you can easily tell if you are duplicating I Love You’s thanks to excel’s auto-fill functionality.

So far, Casey has opened the following I Love You’s…
I love you because you are a good steward of God’s blessings.
I love how you say “it’s not my favorite” instead of “this sucks.”
I love you because you encourage others to encourage me.

2) Print the list. Cut out each I Love You.


I eventually got a system of cutting that made it go very fast.

3) Fold each I Love You and place it in a decorated container.


Side Note: Someone recommended folding and then cutting. I’m sure that would work better, but haven’t tried it. 

Thankfully my 12-year-old niece was in town this weekend so I had help with my folding. She enjoyed reading through them while she folded them though so she wasn’t very productive, but it definitely helped! Ask your kids to join you. I would make sure they are good secret keepers and most importantly, that you’ve removed any I Love You’s that might be embarrassing for your kids to read (if you know what I mean).

As for the container, I had a little decorated box that I wanted to use, but as I began adding the slips into the box I realized the box wasn’t big enough. I had to improvise. I had an empty mason jar that I quickly wrapped with some wrapping paper. I’ll decorate it more later. Likely mod podge it and then paint 365 I Love You’s and the date on there.


4) Give the jar to your spouse. They get to read one I Love You each day for a year!

Casey is super excited about his gift. It’s driving him crazy that he can’t read them all at one time. That anticipation alone makes it a gift that keeps on giving for 365 days! It’s so fun to read the I Love You for the day together.

I hope this anniversary gift idea is a free and DIY anniversary gift you love for years!

Confession: I’ve only made 180 I Love You’s so far. I’ve got 185 to go. I’ve just been overwhelmed with work and Casey’s mono.

Tip: Decorate another jar or box for your spouse to put the I Love You’s in once they’ve read it. If you do this every year, you could have an I Love You jar for each year you’re married!

  • Kerls

    Bravo! This is brilliant…and extra attractive to us writers of the world. Way to go, sis.

  • http://www.romanticmarriage.org Rosemary

    Such a sweet idea!

    • http://lovetruthfully.com Shana

      Thanks, Rosemary! He loves it! Now I just have to top it next year :)

  • http://christaprentice.com Christa

    Such a cute idea, thank you!

    • http://lovetruthfully.com Shana

      Of course! Hope your love enjoys it, Christa!

  • Kathy

    I just finished folding each one and I just have no idea what to do with them now. I don’t have a container yet. Anyway, i’m really excited because the 365th thing I love is going to be super special. I’m going to mail him an anniversary card next year that has the last one (I love you!) in it. I’m VERY happy I found your blog. Thank you so much!

    • http://www.BeEngaging.com/ Shana Bresnahan

      That’s so exciting, Kathy! Folding them was the worst part. I love your addition with the last one coming in a card. How creative! I just decorated a mason jar from some alfredo sauce to put it in :) It’s nice to have one for him to put the ones he has read in too. I hope he loves it and that you enjoy the blog! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      • Kathy

        I also decorated the jar with photos of the two of us. I love this so much, I am SO excited to give it to him. Thank you again for this idea! :)

        • http://www.BeEngaging.com/ Shana Bresnahan

          What a great way to make it more personal, Kathy!

  • Karin

    Tip: If you fold the paper before you cut it will save you a lot of folding. Great idea btw:-)

    • http://www.BeEngaging.com/ Shana Bresnahan

      Great tip! Thanks, Karin :)

  • jeffery

    can use sent this softcopy 365 love note to my email jeffery_9893@yahoo.com

    • http://www.LoveTruthfully.com/ Shana Bresnahan

      Hi Jeffery – I’m glad you like the idea, but there really isn’t anything to send. You just type your original I Love You’s into an excel document or you can handwrite them if you prefer. Enjoy!

  • Christine

    I used the following to make the papers.


    The drawback is that you have to write it all by hand, or print it and paste it on them. The nice thing is that they are all on hearts:)

    • http://www.LoveTruthfully.com/ Shana Bresnahan

      Fantastic idea, Christine! Thanks for sharing!