Christmas Gifts for Your Spouse

harvest decorations

I don’t know about you, but I am way behind on my Christmas list. Like haven’t even made my list behind. In fact, I’m way behind on all things Christmas. I’m sure the harvest decorations in my house give it away, especially the un-carved pumpkin that’s still sitting in my laundry room.

halloween pumpkin

Right now there are 12 names on my Christmas list. That’s just our nieces and nephews. With all of these little ones to love on, it’s hard to provide gifts for anyone other than them. This is a big reason thatCasey and I don’t get gifts for each other, but the biggest reason is because for the most part, we don’t need anything. Last year we decided to do something small and eventful. We each got $20 and had a set amount of time in Target to find one another a gift. Now I can’t say that I remember what Casey got me (sorry Case), but I vividly remember hunting through Target for the perfect pair of gloves and my excitement when I found not 1, but 2 pairs for under $20.

We have yet to discuss what we are going to do for each other this year for Christmas. My guess is that we are going to do something similar to last year. However, I’m up for ideas.

Do you and your spouse typically skip gifts for each other, go all out, or something else? I’d love to know what you’ll be doing this year. Share in the comments.

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  • Karyl

    Nice new look. Congrats on your new space!

    • Shana

      Thanks, Karyl. I’m still working out some kinks, but it’s been fun to get it together.

  • Mallory

    While I don’t have a spouse, I’m a gift-giving extraordinaire. :) My favorite kind of couple-y gifts usually fall into two categories: 1) an event or trip that you can do together, whether it be getting all gussied up and going out to a nice dinner, or spending a random weekend night together in a fun hotel. Alternatively, I love the giving-back-gifts: 2)It might be a little too late for this now, but since you have everything you need already, consider “adopting” a child and fulfill it’s Christmas list together. One of my co-workers and I did this together, and it was SO fun, and can imagine that it’d be a real bonding experience for young married couples that are thinking about having children. :)

    Those are my two-cents. Love the look of the new website!

    • Shana

      Mal – Thanks for the ideas! You definitely are a fabulous gift giver so I’m glad you shared your thoughts. In fact, I’m remembering I have a gift certificate to a spa from my wedding. It’s probably about to expire right? LOL. Maybe a couple’s massage is in order. Lord knows we could both use it. Oh soot! I just realized his birthday is right around the corner too! Ahhh…

  • Lisa Davis

    Jimmy and I do something different each year. Our first year together, he knew what he wanted therefore knew what he was getting. I wasn’t sure what I wanted so my gift was a surpriise. Last year, we got similar gifts and knew what we were getting. This year, his is a surprise, and I know what I’m getting. We also fill stockings each year for each other and that is always a surprise to the other person.

    • Shana

      Lisa – I love the idea of filling each others’ stockings. Although I’ve yet to hang ours, I am pretty sure we have some. That would be fun and easy! Can’t wait to see what you got Jimmy this year!

  • Taylor

    since derek and i just had our dream wedding, are in the process of house hunting, AND both have lots of family members to buy for, we are taking a different route this year when it comes to gifts for each other.
    we are each allowed to spend $20 and we are putting together a “date in a box” for some time after the holidays. the items in the box will represent where we plan to take the other one when money isn’t so tight. it forces us to be creative and think about how we want to spoil the other one without going broke. plus it’s an excuse to keep up with our date nights.

    • Shana

      Taylor – I love love love this idea! You are so stinkin creative :) Casey and I could definitely use a way to keep up with our date nights as well. P.S. This reminds me of the bday gift you gave me. Was it 20 gifts at 20?

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  • MrsHose

    First, I want to say that I am just so in love with your blog! You are so full of knowledge, I don’t feel like we are the same age, because you just know how to word everything so well. Anyway, my husband and I actually don’t really do many gifts for each other. I mean, we buy each other things but ever since we got married (5 years ago, today!) and our bank account is now together, we don’t really buy and wrap and surprise each other with gifts for our Birthdays, Christmas, and Anniversaries. First, I am not good at surprising my husband because a) he checks our bank account everyday b) I tell him everything, I cannot and will not lie to him. Sometimes, for our birthdays, etc. we will go together and pick out something to buy. 3.5 years ago we bought our first house and chose to say that is our gift to each other. We are currently only a few thousand away from having it completely paid off and that is a better feeling to me than having a diamond necklace or something else for now. :) Maybe when we have children we will change the way we do gifts for each other, but for now…this works for us.

    • Shana Bresnahan

      Congrats on your anniversary! 5 years is definitely something to celebrate!! You are so kind! Thanks for making my day :) Most of the knowledge I share was gained the hard way or through wise counsel so the credit is not mine haha. I’m so glad that you all have found something that works for you all, and super proud that you almost have the house paid off. That’s going to be such a relief and accomplishment! I’m jealous of that :)

      It’s definitely all about what works for each couple. Knowing your love languages is important. No one in our house has gifts as a love language so it works well for us. As for surprising him, sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Like if you are on your way home from work and you stop to pickup his favorite candy bar from the store. Put a little note on it and leave it where he’ll find it soon after he gets home. Simple. Takes little planning. No lying :) and he probably won’t check the account in time haha. I’m preaching to myself here, but sometimes we can take really small steps towards loving each other a little better each day.