A Vacation Like None Before

It’s been a whirlwind summer that culminated in two fantastic vacations. I don’t know about you, but vacations have a tendency to do two things.

1) Wear me out

2) Test my marriage

Although I know vacations should be a time of rest and relaxation, I’m never good at that, especially in an unexplored city. It was no different during our time in Boston and  Wilmington. We explored every inch of those cities. Ate at the most incredible restaurants. Saw lots of gorgeous architecture. Put our feet in the sand. Enjoyed a few history lessons. And most importantly, spent lots of quality time with some dear friends.

One thing was different about this trip though. It didn’t test my marriage.

The first fight Casey and I ever had was 3 months into dating on our first trip together when we went to D.C. for a friend’s wedding. It was one of those fights that leave most couples single. Since then, vacations have had a tendency to be a very trying to time for our marriage. It seems that one of two things is the culprit.

1) We finally get quality time together and realize that we don’t actually like each other at the moment since there are too many unresolved issues.

2) We think we’re finally going to get time together and instead stay too busy exploring and engaging others that we miss each other.

These two trips were a testament to the way God has refined us and repaired our marriage. We truly enjoyed each other’s company! In fact, this vacation even brought us closer together. I felt like I was in a completely renewed marriage. There were numerous moments on this trip when God reminded me why I married Casey. When I saw his confident trust that the Lord would answer his prayer for batting practice tickets when they were sold out (he got tickets for free by the way.). The way he offered to take me to the beach numerous times and forego his ideal vacation spot on the intracoastal. His childlike excitement while we watched the Red Sox from the Green Monsta. It’s incredible how I can look past all that on a regular basis.

So this vacation was like none before when it came to our marriage, but it definitely still wore me out. I don’t know if it’s remnants from the mono or what, but we’ve both had trouble getting back into the swing of things, especially with Casey jumping into teaching as soon as we returned. The blog has definitely suffered, but hopefully we’ll be back in the groove in no time!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from vacation.